A bat, circular celtic with amethyst, dragon head, and a spider on Aikea’s triple choker mesh. Reposted from 2008.

Please note: The dragon uses the newer mesh while the others use the old so be sure to install both! Or it might even just work with the new one. I can’t remember what the old post said >.>

Updated 01.05.12
File names have been improved and were combined into one archive. If this is the first time you’re downloading this set, completely ignore this portion of the post. If you’re a returning visitor and would like to tidy things up, locate and delete the following:

  • 5016c525_uysmchoker1.package
  • 7bcf47a_uysmchoker2.package
  • e42e4f35_uysmchoker3.package
  • uysamdragonchoker.package

Meshes by Aikea_Guinea are included!
File size: 158 KB

Credits & Thanks

– Mesh by Aikea_Guinea.


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