First of all I will say I realize the above picture looks like I’m offering a Dave Grohl poster more than wall coverings, but at the time my game was crashing if I went into build/buy mode, so I took what was already in use.

That said, this download is actually Shastakiss edits (base, crown moulding, base and crown moulding versions for use in stairwells) of Cosette’s Iron Ghosts plaster walls, with Curiona moulding in brown. Upon packing up the files and stealing the swatch from Shastakiss’ post, I realized I somehow missed two shades. Or maybe they were so similar to others that I didn’t bother; I honestly can’t remember since I threw these together years ago to use specifically in the house shown in the picture.

File size: 5.53 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Base textures by Cosette.
– Moulding by Curiona (courtesy of Shastakiss’ templates).


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