Four different dresses: Two by Gelydh, one by Jenfold, and one by me.

Each mesh is a separate, non-replacement mesh. You can have all four of my meshes, plus the original dresses (with boobs) in your game at once with no issues, as well as every other combination possible. These meshes are Base Game Compatible as far as I’m aware. Each set is located in both Everyday and Formal categories. All morphs are included. All files are clearly named and each folder is separate according to the mesh.


Gelydh Bixie | Gelydh Mini | Jenfold Maxis | Victoria Docs

Meshes by Kayleigh are required!
File size: 13.6 MB

Download Gelydh Bixie

File size: 1.70 MB.

Download Gelydh Mini

File size: 6.39 MB.

Download Jenfold

File size: 1.54 MB.

Download Victoria Docs

File size: 4.01 MB.

Credits & Thanks

Maxis for the original H&M dresses (Victoria/Jenfold)
Flinn for the H&M dress edit used in my Victoria mesh.
Gelydh for the Gelydh Mini and Gelydh Bixie meshes.
Jenfold for the Jenfold Maxis mesh.
Gothplague for the docs and one of the docs textures.
Aelia for the maroon docs texture and the patterns on the Victoria dress.
Pooklet/Amaryll for the Jenfold Maxis textures.
Xandher for the Gelydh Bixie textures, edited to removed boob shading by me.
Nilou/Mirade/Azaya for the Gelydh Mini textures.
Simal for the original bixie top mesh.
theAMAZINGessieduck/DUCTAPE for the original request.
Loneviolist for taking pictures for me. <3


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