Spacious 2 story modern loft home with pool and 2 car garage.

General Information

Cost: $95,073
Lot size: 4×4 with room for expansion.
Partly furnished (the bathroom -I wanted to leave it mostly but I got horribly disappointed when no other kitchen sets fit in with the wall and floor).


University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Glamour Life, and Celebrations.

Custom Content Included:

– Exterior walls and wood floor by Tribecca Sims
– Windows and doors by Sims Gedoehns2
– Brick Wall by Habitations.
– Dining room wall by Nephilis1
– Walls and fencing by Holy Simoly
– Walls and floors by Sim-Placement
– Walls by Reflex Sims
– Carpet and panelled wall by Mango Sims
– Some lighting and custom stairs by 4ESF (Just incase it doesn’t show up, see this page)
– Bathroom set by Blake_boy
– Pediment, edge smoothers and railing by Ailias
– Bedroom lighting by Avalon
– Kitchen and bathroom tiled walls and floors by nazariopilar
– Reflective floor tiles by Murano
– Wall by Pimp My Sims
– Apparently some OMSP’s were included even though I removed them all *shrugs* Because I don’t know which one it was, I can only guess who it was… so here goes credit to either JohnBrehaut1 or ariffrazalin.

See requirements above!
File size: 3.97 MB


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A vertically challenged, big mouth gamer who loves the Foo Fighters, ALL the floofs, books, and Tim Hortons. Oh yeah, and the founder of Under-Your-Skin. That might be kind of important to mention.

One thought on “Modern Loft”

  1. I abosolutely love how you decorate all of your lots. The custom content you use is so varied and but mixes together well and the rooms alwasys look so beautiful!
    If been all over the internet trying to get if only a few pieces of the custom content in this lot so I can TRY to recreate what you had. It would be so worth it.
    Please keep up the amazing luck, and the sooner you update on the legacy, the soon I will be amazingly happy (I’ve been checking it daily at this point).

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