Years ago I made H&M shop recolors for Ghanima as part of the GOS Secret Santa in 2010. These days I am more inclined to over decorate my shops, and with all the shiny new CC to clutter up the place, it was time to make some matching shelves. While they don’t match perfectly (mesh shape wise) they still work pretty well.

I recolored Buggybooz’ shelves (at the bottom), but as they are slaved to the coffee table you will need to grab that mesh as well. Of course these recolors will show up on the other tables if you have those meshes installed.

Meshes by Buggybooz are required!
[ Get master & set | Get shelves ]
File size: 337 KB

Credits & Thanks

– Meshes by Buggybooz.
– Textures by CG Textures.


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  1. I think this is so cool. I tried recoloring some clothes last night it was a mess. :(

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