Lightly grunged recolor of the Mansion and Garden mansard roof pieces and windows, plus two bonus matching floor trims.

There is only one recolor file for the roof as all the pieces are slaved to the straight one tile mesh. Therefore the shingles and trim are not separate and you must keep the file if you want one or the other.

Also available grungified and complimentary, are floor covers by 4ESF and Dorian.

M&G is required for roof pieces!
Meshes by 4ESF and Dorien are included.
File size: 339 KB

Credits & Thanks

SimPlay for the (modified) house.


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3 thoughts on “Mansard Roofing”

  1. Okay the reupload of the file seemed to work, as I downloaded it again and didn’t get any warning messages or errors.

  2. I just attempted to install 4ESF floor trim and I was given a broken file.

    Message given exactly to me ::

    C:\Documents and Settings\PAINkiler\desktop\[]\ Unexpected end of archive

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