Planked recolors of Buggybooz Kitchen Basic set in all of Pooklet’s natural colors. Thanks to repository the textures can also be used on the Shakerlicious set, KB addons and All Sorts Office matching set, as well as A Feast of Frames.

Files have been compressorized and named appropriately. Meshes are not included due to the sheer amounts linked to the original, but I also think it’s safe to say everyone has them by now. Also please note due to the repository method you must download the Kitchen Basic counter for the recolors to show up on other meshes.

These recolors were originally posted on the forum.

Meshes by buggybooz are required!
File size: 2.52 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Meshes by Buggybooz.
– Colors by Pooklet.
– Wood texture by CG Textures.


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