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I started working on this Sim in 2010. The reason it has taken so long is because I edited her face in Milkshape. I adjusted the features on all ages and both genders. Since I edited all ages and both genders that means Mattie’s features are genetic.

I’ve provided pictures of three male and three female offspring for reference. I forgot to get a picture of the father-Sim but he was just a default face template I had with a S2/S3 skintone, freckles, blue-grey eyes and black hair. All offspring pictured have no makeup or any editing. I didn’t even change their outfits as I aged them. I also do not edit my pictures aside from cropping and borders.

Mattie Baker has a mild cleft/hare lip based on a childhood friend of mine. I also edited her jawline, her nose, her eyes/eyelids, her brow, and generally fiddled with a lot of vertices. I did my best to replicate all the changes on all ages and both genders, but since I started Mattie’s face in 2010 I am almost sure I forgot tiny tweaks here and there. I’m generally satisfied but I don’t claim to have the faces perfectly consistent with one another.

If I forgot anything, feel free to ask.


– Please do not share her elsewhere.
– You may use her (or any other age/gender) in your legacies, etc. All I ask is credit.
– Definitely, definitely credit me and link to this post if you share a Sim with any of her features. I worked really hard on this Sim and I don’t want to regret sharing.

Meshes by Kayleigh & Yuichen required!
[ Get hair mesh | Get clothes meshes ]
File size: 3.44 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Skin, eyes, brows, lips, and pants textures by Trapping.
– Pants mesh, edited peggy hair mesh and retexture by me.
– Hair texture and color by Pooklet.
– Top mesh and texture by Yuichen.
– Eyeliner by Nabila.


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