Paige was going to be the main character in a story I planned to write based loosely on a dream I had. I no longer have any interest in doing so, and because she is cute, I figured I would share her. She was seen as a feisty, aspiring ballerina living in the city with a lot of heart, and no time for bullshit. Of course you could make her a rich, sniveling daddy’s girl if you wanted to, but that was my general idea anyway. Use and abuse in game at will.

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Meshes are included!
File size: 8.37 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Eyes, skintone, freckles, and shadow by Jesstheex/jessi_dot.
– Piercings by Aikea_Guinea.
– Face kit (eye bags, nose buds, etc.) by Rensim.
– Hair by Stakeit_uk.
– Top by Trapping.
– Bottom only dress by needlecream.
– Brows by Helaene.
– Blush by ephemera.
– Hollow of the cheek by A.S.K.
– Eyeliner by Anva.
– Lips by Clover.


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A vertically challenged, big mouth gamer who loves the Foo Fighters, ALL the floofs, books, and Tim Hortons. Oh yeah, and the founder of Under-Your-Skin. That might be kind of important to mention.

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