Metal and wood recolors of Blake_boy’s plantation & tivoli sets. It uses the repository method so you must download the two tile tivoli coffee table for it to show up on the other meshes.

I needed a more industrial recolor of the two tile console table for a particular sim’s apartment, so I slapped this together and made it shineh. I liked it so much that I decided to share it and do two other color options. In addition to the brown wood and steel, there is also black and steel, as well as one entirely in steel. I’m not crazy about it to be honest but maybe someone can use it.

Meshes by Blake_boy are required!
File size: 275 KB

Credits & Thanks

– Meshes and cedar texture by Blake_boy
– Namesake – Heavy Soul by The Black Keys <3


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5 thoughts on “Heavy Soul”

  1. I want to say it’s from Apartment Life, but I can’t remember if it is original to the game or if someone edited and slaved it.

  2. Beutiful recolors! I already love the set, and I like it even more with these recolors!
    By the way, if it is not a problem for you, can you tell me from where did you get the red chair that appears in the picture?
    Thanks you!

  3. I haven’t been completely awed by cc in a long time…this finish is incredible! Love these meshes too, but it hadn’t even occurred to me to see them in a modern finish! Wow! You’ve totally outdone yourself!

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