Five years ago today (how has that much time passed already??) Amaryll shared super cute dresses based on an H&M mesh with different shoe options. Because I still use them often and the fact they would be really cute tops, I combined the graphic dress with her 3D tee. The base textures are a blend of the two, but mapping allows for direct cut and paste of any dress recolors to be used as well.

These tops are available for teens to elders and come in a shit ton of colors and patterns, including my Wasting Light dresses. Each comes with and without a thermal shirt beneath. I like layering, what can I say?

Teen files are slaved to adults to save space.

Meshes by Yuichen are required!
[ Get teen mesh | Get adult mesh | Get edult mesh]
File size: 2.22 MB

Credit & Thanks

– Base textures and mesh parts by Amaryll.
– Thermal texture by Xandher.
– Patterns by Spoonflower and Colour Lovers.
– Namesake, Foo Fighters – Hey, Johnny Park!


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2 thoughts on “From Blind to Blue”

  1. Yep, you just look for the one you need. Right now these are the last mesh offered in the Tops area.

  2. I really like the look of these tops but can’t work out which meshes I need! The link just goes to a list of loads of different meshes!

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