Six new meshes featuring Flinn’s edit of a H&M dress, each mesh fully equipped with all five of Flinn’s textures plus eight new and unique patterns (depending on the shoe) by Aelia.

Each mesh is a separate, non-replacement mesh. You can have all six of my meshes, plus Pooklet’s mesh, plus Flinn’s mesh in your game at once with no issues, as well as every other combination possible. These meshes are Base Game Compatible as far as I’m aware. Each set is located in both Everyday and Formal categories, save for the Blockfeet mesh which is available as Everyday and Sleepwear.

All morphs are included. These morphs match Flinn’s fatmorph and Pooklet’s pregmorph for consistency. All files are clearly named and each folder is separate according to the mesh and whose textures are included.


I’m only putting swatches for Aelia’s recolors because all five of Flinn’s can be seen in the first image, accompanied by the name of the color/file for recognition. The below swatches correspond alphabetically to the files. Meaning, top right color in the Blockfeet swatch is the first file that will appear if you list them alphabetically, etc.

Block feet | Cyber boots | Docs | Flats | Heels | Wedges

Meshes by Kayleigh are required!
File size: 38 MB

Download Block feet

File size: 5.71 MB.

Download Cyber boots

File size: 5.79 MB.

Download Docs

File size: 6.22 MB.

Download Flats

File size: 6.06 MB.

Download Heels

File size: 8.45 MB.

Download Wedges

File size: 5.85 MB.

Credits & Thanks

Maxis for the original dress and the blockfeet.
Flinn for the original dress edit.
Pooklet for the pregmorph.
Gelydh for the cyberboots and wedges.
Gothplague for the docs.
Amaryll for the flats.
Shannanigan for the heels, and Xandher for the alpha.
TheAliceCat for the dark-skinned model, Carbon.
Iosiren for the TNT-haired model, Catnip.


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