Child male and female pants mesh with Aikea’s bootcut jeans and chucks in eighty recolors. (40 tucked, 40 untucked). There are seven different download options: All textures, Aikea textures, Gelydh textures, Trapping textures, Leather textures, Velvet textures, and Miscellaneous textures. Each *.zip has the corresponding texture swatch included in case you wish to delete single files. All files are clearly named; names correspond with the texture swatches.

Please Note: There is an issue with the UV map on this mesh. I could not line up the top of the pants with the bottom of the nude top without issues in the textures, and therefore untucked shirts with designs on them will look odd at the waist. It doesn’t bother me personally, but in the event that it may bother you, here is your warning. If it bothers you badly enough that you want to fix it, let me know and I will help you to do so, however I do not plan to re-do the work myself.

Updated 05.01.13
Meshes have been renamed to be more easily identified. Please locate and delete the following files:

  • MESH_kayleigh_cub_bootcutjeans-chucks.package

Standalone Recolors

Mesh by Kayleigh required!
File size: 13.5MB

Download Aikea (5.10 MB)

Download Gelydh (2.18 MB)

Download Trapping (1.94 MB)

Download Leather (1.48 MB)

Download Velvet (1.35 MB)

Download Misc (1.47 MB)

Slaved Recolors

These files are slaved to One Armed Scissor to save space.

Mesh by Kayleigh required!
File size: 133 KB

Download Aikea (45.3 KB MB)

Download Gelydh (19.4 KB)

Download Trapping (16.2 KB)

Download Leather (19.5 KB)

Download Velvet (13 KB)

Download Misc (16.1 KB)

Credits & Thanks

– Jeans by Maxis, Edited by Aikea, Edited by Kayleigh.
– Chucks by Maxis, Edited by Aikea.
– Textures by Club Crimsyn and Trapping.


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  1. Thank you for the downloads! So glad to find new things for my S2, they’re much appreciated!!

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