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I think that I will do that to relax a bit from the crazy and nerving downloads sorting and purging.

While I'm sorting like mad (when will it be finished, LOL... question mark)...

I'd have a good resolution from now : stop collecting over 10 textures in all Pooklets or whatso, especially for clothes meshes, Jonesi blankets, cushions. Because good Goddess ! this drives me so mad from browsing for example the whole clothing catalogue (esp. mediaval beautiful tops and boho skirts), all Droopsi, and others' blanket recolours.

I don't always check the file size of each texture package but it can be very high. One as an example is good, I'd compress as winrar all other textures to avoid have them cluttered up in my catalogues.


I also avoid downloading of way too many add-ons to BB niches and other repositoried furniture sets. From sims2artists I already have issues to know exactly what is needed for table cloths, curtains, all the small bits to not have the whole set flash blue ingame. I neded sometimes to visit the sims2artists several times for the required Master meshes, copy in text documents to keep all in mind... LOL !

Once I retextured a taroo sofa with rattan wood but the wood part always reverted back to the vanilla fugly simplan-X bed frame colour, so I simply took back Taroo's single sofa mesh (which is perfect). Problem solved !

In fact, there are two hairs sets called Sweet. And the one pictured is named Sweet Curls by some people and it was retextured Remi style as well.

I don't know if this hair is downloaded often but perhaps other people will request a fix for this mesh.

Haha, I showed to my gay friend a pic of his self-Sim via E-mail and he liked it but didn't say more except "have fun now, doll!". I'd have fun ingame and not play him as 100 % gay (becasue in RL he wasn't 100 % gay, some women were attracted or he was). I'd use him for breeding, LOL... see if a Sim baby or child would look like him a bit ? Especially the brown eyes and lovely lips. For the personality nobody could tell (LOL).

I just posted a topic in the Sims 2 Help area, BTW.

Since I'm not at tumblr but knowing that somebody fixed Trapping hair meshes, I noticed a tranparency issue for this lovely hair :

It's very visible on the back, like scalp skin showing here and there, small bits.

I read about the transparency issue with hair converted to S2, but don't know if it needs to e fixed in Milkshape or if it can be solved in SimPE (DXTFormat does nothing for me). I don't know what 3 items tab can be, by the way.

I love this hair very much but just this issue is annoying me.

Link to Trapping's LiveJournal thread for this hair :

So any help or fixing could be very much appreciated. Thanks.

One Body Builder mesh has a weird thing I don't like around the neckor it's Huge Body Builder. For males I use a few meshes by G-Knee and from one site, by Kielen (, a little few from Synaptic Sims Lair, others by Julie J. It depends.

Currently I don't have big needs for male outfits or meshes. I don't think that I'm very talented to create male Sims. But the one after my gay friend is awesome... I put a lot of work into it (LOL). And for an outfit for him it wasn't too hard because the real man in the 70's and 80's didn't wear much... It was the hippie days.

I agree for the many bodyshapes. However for female Sims I liked to hae my fav meshes because I use them for my own clothing retextures. Occasionally male clothing too but not so often.

I once hd Bloom's busty meshes from ISA but got rid of them : I like my female Sims with long hair and not cut off on the front because of too huge breasts. But Bloom's meshes are perfect for my work, along with a few others.

But today for clothes revamps I use also more often Maxis shapes meshes with good shoes and boots. So I'm revamping some old clothing on meshes with better shoes.


No matter what for this friend. He's narcissistic, sometimes moody but all in all rather kind and a bit also vulnerable and protecting himself today, as I do. I'd say that he isn't "evil" but sometimes writes awkwardly some things eit intentionllyor not and doesn't feel remorse when he hurts. He found the excuse that he also got hurt in life... Well, we were all hurt at some times. I keep in most of time and I'm capable of immense indifference/coldness when must be ("not giving a damn" attitude). I'm one who loves to laugh, have good laughs, and this gay friend hasn't much sense of humour : it's a bit of a turn off for me when people have no sense of humour, then I stay on my guards. But the guy inspires me of course, however with a distance  far away from each other", no meet (it's better for both of us).

I wouldn't bother that much with more male bodyshapes It's already a bit of a hassle to sort and organise for female Sims, as from some retexturists meshes aren't always included or a few are still missing (Frannysims for example).

My friend who is gay isn't a Simmer at all. He's soon 61 and he's the one who inspired me the nice Garden of Delight house of which I've shown pics and on one room photo, a big painting framed with falling flowers shows him as he was in the 80's (his wild years  :)). Once a gay icon as model (and a bit more, hmm)... now he's back to farming and meditating... I guess he can be fun, but he also has a "difficult personality".

This is true ! The best male outfits I ever found are from gogosims (closed). Now I don't mind some extravangant ones as by HIM666 from GoS, I think (I got those outfits still today).

Now for skirts for AM, I'd rather choose loin cloths and kilts. For themed clothes as prehistoric or Viking, Celtic, etc, it can be interesting.

I got an excellent dear gay friend who sometimes dressed up for fun many years ago (1980's) in San Francisco, LA clubs, also travestite, but he's still very male today, never changed it and he's an icon inside the gay community.

Some travestite clothes can be very good, but from simmergirl there isn't many choices for bodyshapes, they look too slim for me, while some travestites got more curves and such in RL.

Thank you for this little tip, yuichen.


I don't download many hair for males, except FtM conversions if they meet my needs for my male Sims and if they keep a male being masculine, also with long hair - no male bun or braids, I have no need for such male hair style.

I never download anything transgender, just because I'd never play transgender Sims. A male Sim can look great as Sim without female wear and high heels. I'd just change the make up and that's easy to do and perhaps a good FtM hair - then perhaps a bun or such, but I prefer curly hair then.

I don't understand how polys are calculated per tile for objects and which is the standard poly count for Maxis items. How is it possible to view for Maxis objects in SimPE ?

Some people say that even some Maxis things can be high poly.

For Bodyshop I know that one boa by Bipsouille is extremely high poly. Each time I try and install it in my Downloads, browse the accessories, Bodyshop suddenly starts freezing for over two minutes. It's a pity because I like this boa, but I guess I can't use it properly on a Sim.


I never download Maxis match or Remi retextured hairs.

Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: Back In My Day...
« on: Nov 02, 2015, 12:54PM »
I have updated Sylvie last week. As soon as I can I'll take one or two ingame pics of her and of a few new other Sims. I'll share one at Sims Paraphernalia soon.

Sims 2 Sims / Re: Greta Tower
« on: Oct 30, 2015, 06:37PM »
I know those blogs and bookmarked them. I noticed that unfortunately Nabila removed some of her stuff at dropbox. I don't know if I ever downloaded her cute outfit with a one buttoned jacket (top, like a bolero) and pants. But it's just adorable.

I'll re-edit my post at your old Sims pics thread because I found a few oldies, ingame pics. Oh God I got a pic of a Sim, Sylvie, with freckles but I lost her on an old external disk which I had to replace. But I'll redo her the best I can after the still remaining pic of her.

I'd have some themes in mind... apart from Christmas/New Year and Halloween.

Randomly :

- From your country : so where you're from or where you're living, anything that represents it or which is typical

- Fairytale, fantasy : science-fiction can be part of that (even if for me it's not my cup of tea at all and it doesn't inspire me)

- The four seasons : anything that reminds of winter, summer, spring and/or autumn

- Gothic, cyber-punk, Pagan/Wiccan, etc.

- Ethnic, traditional, native, from any origins or country wished.

- Celebrity style : it can be celebrity Sims, or clothing inspired from them, but of course also paintings and such.

Genetized skintones and similar, as you can't have several sets, if I understand correctly.

I like to have a great variety of skintones, as it helps me to define the make up I'll use, especially for lips.

Sims 2 Sims / Re: Greta Tower
« on: Oct 30, 2015, 08:33AM »
Ah yes ! I didn't see the signature but I love all by Io.

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