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Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: Lots and Lots of... Lots?
« on: Oct 27, 2015, 06:09PM »
The only trick I know is locking the house door for visitors. Because it's so damn annoying when I pose Sims for preview pics on a lot I use for this, and the postman stops by, walks around, while I want to take a pic for outfits to preview. Then there's that other NPC bringing a computer as a welcome gift, trying to find somebody to chat with... So for clothing preview pics I still prefer to use Bodyshop, in one click the picture is taken.

Personal Issues / Re: Community Issues
« on: Oct 27, 2015, 06:04PM »
I have terrible issues with objects to sot because of the Master meshes of some sets which can be mixed with Build and Buy objects, as for some sets by Moone at MTS, and I use some of them very often. It's important for me to distinguish such sets for knowing which Master mesh I need for creating and packaging a lot, or all starts flashing blue.

Then I have single objects, easier to sort, but this too takes a while. I care more for lamps, curtains, flowers, plants, there are so many.

I also need now to make a specific folder for a few Maxis objects recolours, they aren't added in packaged lots, and I need still a few.

Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: Lots and Lots of... Lots?
« on: Oct 27, 2015, 02:46PM »
For the moment, I put those houses on a testing lot, as I'm cleaning my objects.

Generally my game doesn't like high poly objects. Then for some houses, I'd remove them all and replace with Maxis objects even if it doesn't look as fabulous. I also need to be cautious with Sims having high poly hair, also on both residential and community lots. But I can clone them in Bodyshop with other hair. However it's less important now because I don't play families much today. I hate the constant visits of NPC...

Personal Issues / Re: Community Issues
« on: Oct 27, 2015, 02:39PM »
I played more often in the early days when I had no CC at all. Today I fear the lot crashes for Sims families to play, so I'd put them on less furnished lots and keep my other beautiful ones also to keep safe some objects, then I won't make the mistake to delete them for good. In Sims2Packs they're safe and withotu duplicates.

The cealing gives me headaches for packages with strings of number, letters instead of a clear name. It takes me time to sort them again, find what they are in DDO or the Sims2Pack Clean Installer, seek if I have the original package for each, etc. Then over a year ago, somebody told me about a small trick on how to remove shadows from under or behind objects, paintings and such. I started to "fix" such objects in SimPE. Then I'd have to add the fixed ones in my lots Sims2Packs.

For me Bodyshop is easier to clean. My hairs folder is in all the hugest one along with make up, because I like more also to create female Sims.

I also write stories but not with Sims involved. It's totally different subjects that inspire me. :) But some people, even online friends when I know what they look like, I create Sims 2 them... Maybe one day for a Sims story with all those Sims... it'd be funny with free will enabled.

Personal Issues / Re: Community Issues
« on: Oct 26, 2015, 08:37PM »
Sometimes I feel a little bit guilty for dolling up my Sims with very beautiful clothes, build great expensive houses for them. Sometimes I think it's a little bit stupid when myself can't do so much either for some people or also more for myself, because I'm just a huge majority of people on this planet : middle class, really not rich, rushing to boutiques or having several luxury estates.

I help and contribute the way I can, also composing resumes for the people I meet in the organisation and who have difficulties to find even the smallest less paid job, because they were in a chaotic situation for many years. There's no motherlode cheat in real life...


What we can't really afford then, I guess we create it for the game, and this is the fun part... But it's only pixels and really nothing else.

In a next life I'd like to be an architect to build myself a beautiful house with fabulous wild landscaping... But for now I do with what I have.

Sorting the downloads is irritating me some days but it's important to do as well.

Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: Lots and Lots of... Lots?
« on: Oct 26, 2015, 08:23PM »
Landscaping and adding a lot of plants and trees outside, to make a place look almost like a small forest, it's what I like best. I love to creat small inside gardens as well behind a glass window, just like for my Garden of Delight house here (a bit picture heavy) :

I made this house when thinking of a lovely friend who adores plants, tropical flowers. He owns a little farm in his old days now and has over 10 cats (lol).

Garden of Delight is then more a single "old" man's house but with a big garden to relax and still party near the swimming pool.

It's really the kind of house that I find very attractive (like the old man... hehe).

Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: Lots and Lots of... Lots?
« on: Oct 26, 2015, 09:39AM »
Thank you London :)

Yuichen, Helgasims closed around 2010 or 2011 very suddenly. Helga had clothes that Rhondalatte had posted in a special section at BPS. Now BPS is gone... But I got most of Helga's clothes for AF and always kept her original 5th avenue residential lot which inspired me for the makeover, on a smaller lot with Mootilda's lotadjuster.

I would have liked to improve a bit the cave house on a normal lot, using another tool by Mootilda, to curve the foundation, as from her Shell house at MTS. But I played around with that tool to figure out new values to enter and I didn't manage it until now. So I found some easier small tricks from Mikeinside's building tutorial for houses sticked to a mountain.

Here are random pics of a Spanish house I made. And for this, the roofing was a little bit hard. The house is huge and I didn't furnish all the room under the roofs.

Personal Issues / Re: Community Issues
« on: Oct 26, 2015, 08:19AM »
This is it ! Today I'm trying more to reduce the size of my downloads, clean up because I have a lot of CC that I really never used. So cleaning takes me more time than the rest. But I need to do it because I fear that in the very close future I'd need a new computer and reinstalling all other progams would also take time then.

I'm also volunteering 10 hrs each week in a very specific social area where I witness how people have gone to very serious problems in life. It helps me to take the right measure of what is important for those people needing to survive, needing a job right before affording some hobbies. So sometimes I compare with these people I meet and those online making of their egotic very tiny problems a big mountain. Some people really need help, amost daily, because they might have also children to raise and need a place on their own (flat, house), and others stay permanent spoiled narcissistic children their whole life long. I prefer to help and comfort people in serious need, and there are many today in our countries.

Personal Issues / Re: Community Issues
« on: Oct 25, 2015, 09:37AM »
It's only pixels, after all but Sims 2 is a mega game, which means you can customise almost unlimitedly, compared to other video games.

My position in the community today is maybe a bit tough. But when taking a healthy distance with what I'd call "psychic vampires" I can still maintain my creativity.

Not that I don't wish at all to share, but I'm very lazy for organising compressed files, take ingame pics for each bit and piece. And I tell myself that sharing isn't really urgent either. I don't mesh, so... And for retexturing, people can learn by themselves too, it's fun ! I love to crop crop crop, resize, test from pics i found for clothes, some patterns for furniture, curtains. I'm a fan of technical tips for the game and how to this and that in SimPE, I habig list of tutorials.

I think that when one concentrates fully on the creative potential that the game offers (as for a painter wor his artwork), it diminishes the risk of getting involved in other stories or rumours maintained by immature people (whatever their age).

Meshers are here for meshing, not much for being buddie-buddie or send hugs or post comments on each other's work. They have a family life, a professional activity which they never speak about and that's all good. In that measure, their online behaviour inspires me : post what can help and keep in the rest (or maybe post more personal thoughts on a social site, Twitter, FB, etc.).

Also on a wider scale, our today world is also more complicated, more confusing, people are really worried about the future for mankind, the next generations, the safety of our planet... I feel it on Internet at a forum where I am to talk about more political subjects, I feel it around me, in my family-in-law, etc. We've become very vulnerable and some of us more or less aggressive and feeling somewhat hopeless, delusioned, like we'd have had all our dreams stolen. This is really more serious stuff than what happens inside a gamers community.

Introductions / Re: Hello !
« on: Oct 25, 2015, 09:15AM »
yuichen, I truly understand for spammers. On the hosting site of my small forum, admin settings are different and if we'd put captcha from the admin panel, it'd affect all members, so we don't use it and with the small number of members it's quite unnecessary, we have low traffic.

I fear that Jonesi left for good, but would keep contacts on a social site. She removed all from MTS.

Hello London :) Nice that you greet me too here. I sent you a message at your forum, I was confused on where to post some gifts for your own forum challenge.

Oh wow your Road to nowhere is really great, I love the stone walls and windows and the roof relaxing area with the glass windows. I can't wait to download once you made it available. Kudos !

Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: Lots and Lots of... Lots?
« on: Oct 24, 2015, 08:51PM »
Yes for the roofing I had to count tiles because of the beamed walls I made for outside in pink and the windows...

Here is a short view of a makeover I made of a Helgasims house and I shrinked it on a smaller lot and improved, rearranged, keeping Helga's windows and balcony object. The interior design is rather very classy with furniture from the French site Simsantiquite, still up today.

And my two favourite pics of a beach cavehouse I made. I recoloured some marvine rocks and others from MTS to match for exterior wall murals I made. I wanted to sink the house lower but on a beach lot it's "risky" and I'm not a big expert for the constrainfloorelevation cheat. So I built big hills around covered with rocks, plants, trees also on the flat roof.

Personal Issues / Re: Community Issues
« on: Oct 24, 2015, 08:22PM »
Hello Rana :)

I'd feel it'd be awkward to post on your thread here as new member, but without giving details on Community issues, here's what I feel.

I've known social sites like Myspace, Facebook, so the conflicts we face inside the Simmers community are very similar to the ones you'd have on other Internet places, without any exception.

It's easy to sit behind a computer, nobody knows you in real life. So some people find it rather "convenient" to rant, bully, blame, call names.

You mentioned simsecret LJ. With just this exhibitionism-voyeurism unhealthy online mental game, no wonder that some Simmers might feel extremely hurt about hate posts about them, their CC or site, blog, etc. Here I speak of experience, of having been targetted from the very beginning when I started to share my clothing retextures or "conversions" on other meshes with better shoes. I remember a hate comment about my "revamp" of an old glitter dress by Tehhi from Russia -Tehhi's very old site is still up today and Tehhi is really a nice person. It was at my first forum about this Tehhi dress revamp. But if some people don't like some CC, they don't need to download at all. And why then create a special hate meme about one dress or anything that one doesn't like ? Waste of time.

But other than this, since some very old debates (pay vs free), many meshers quit creating, left the whole community for good and sometimes removed their whole CC database. Because I think it's also very human, then when attacked by envious, jealous people (I have one famous Italian modder in mind who was attacked and he told me in E-mails), one would just close a chapter and move on, say goodbye and farewell. Some people took many hours, weeks or months of their free time to create, help improve the game with mods, tools (SimPE, CEP, no longer supported by their respective creators)... Some gratitude isn't just flat 'thanks' with a smiley but respect.

I have no tumblr and don't want any. Not because I'd be found, tracked down by one person who is there and posted about me - it's plain cyberbullying and defamation. I just have nothing very special to say and I'm not greedy for getting a huge amount of followers. My personality trait is to seek quietness and I love solitude too.

Online, I don't want to make friends anymore. For me friendship is a too high value to not be spoiled. A few people on sites managed to destroy completely some virtual friendships and today I decided that inside the Simmers community and other non Sims places I won't be trapped anymore. I don't mind people treating me like a pure stranger. So I put up a fence to protect myself. I have a family life, other hobbies in daily life and this matters more to me today. I still create for fun but after past events I'll decide what I'll share or not. I don't offer anything easily anymore on a silver plate. I stopped saying "Yes" all the time.

Introductions / Re: Hello !
« on: Oct 24, 2015, 04:22PM »
I understand much better about spammers. On my tiny forum I simply made registrations very hard because with daily life priorities I don't have time or don't want to be always online to moderate, ban. Only less than 20 members so it's rather quiet and no problems at all in soon 2 years.

Yes for RFS to me it seems like it was already in another life, but it was a good forum for chit chat, Greeksgal's daily jokes, etc. Since BPS is gone I really miss Jonesi today and often think of her, she had joined RFS early some months after me.

I will come back a little bit later, because I'm creating some AF clothes and improving some of my older Sims. I like to switch from objects recs to clothing retextures, in order to not lose my hands on what I know I do well, even fix accessories flashing blue. I regret that I can't mesh for clothes...

Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: Lots and Lots of... Lots?
« on: Oct 24, 2015, 03:37PM »
Such lovely lots. Here are photos of my Alsatian farm house which I made last summer.

I made some object recolours as you can see. The Alsatian Bienvenue "statue", a medievalsmithy armoire, a SDA bed set, decals, a bedding, dining table and chair... It was a big Alsatian themed project I made for fun and to relax.

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