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Introductions / Re: Hello !
« on: Oct 24, 2015, 03:17PM »
Hello Yuichen !

I wait for London to show me where to post at Sims Paraphernalia for one challenge.

I'd gladly show some photos of my recent work or even past.

I was a long time member at Blackpearlsims, I've also known the former reflexsims forum mods team, as well as sterlingsims forum (also closed now).

For recolouring objects, Numenor and CrazyTulip showed me patiently. For retexturing clothes I tried on my own little by little from testing alphas in "test" projects from existing clothes I downloaded.

I'm not so much active on forums, I got my own small one which is more a workshop area and not much to download, onloy tutorials I made or grabbed and some ressource lists I need for meshes, top only dresses, separate shoe swaps and so on.

I will look around sections here to get familiar.

I would like to upload an avatar but can't now edit my profile. Never mind. :)

Introductions / Hello !
« on: Oct 24, 2015, 01:05AM »
I just managed to register today. London aka Ms. Simmer told me about the forum.

I've known under-your-skin Sims 2 custom content for many years now and often visited to download hairs and some clothes.

I'm French, 51, married and have a daughter over 20 of age. I love to retexture clothes, esp. for Adult females, sometimes hair and jewelry. And if I'm inspired I also recolour some objects, more often for my own Sims 2 houses when they are "themed".

Other than this I love reading poems and listen to a great variety of music styles. I also love cooking and gardening.

I can't wait to see what nex creations you might have for the Sims 2.

Thank you !

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