Echoes & Silence

12.27.12 Download

Meshes by Yuichen are required!

File size: 2.54 MB.

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Heavy diagonal zippered coats over thermals and tees in five muted colors for teens to elders. It has all morphs (improved by Kayleigh) and is mapped so the bottom textures will not bleed over the coat.

Teen and elder files are slaved to adults to save space. If you remove any adult colors be sure to remove their teen and elder counterparts to avoid bizarre dress shapes with nude skin on it. It’s not pretty, guys.

Echoes & Silence is now available for use as outerwear with any appropriately categorized bottoms. Please see our FAQ page for instructions on how to use them.

Download above if you want them for everyday only. Download below if you want them for outerwear as well as everyday.

Download Everyday & Outerwear
Seasons required!

File size: 2.42 MB.

Get teen mesh
Get adult mesh
Get elder mesh

Updated 05.07.13

Meshes have been renamed to be more easily identified. Please locate and delete the following files:

  • MESH_uys_amtop_diagzippercoat.package
  • MESH_uys_emtop_diagzippercoat.package
  • MESH_uys_tmtop_diagzippercoat.package

Credits & Thanks

– Thermal, tees and arm shading by Aikea.
Peacoat and vest pieces by Amaryll.
– Namesake, Foo Fighters – Home.

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