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H&M Stuff is required!

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A big H&M shop recolor set made for Ghanima Christmas 2010, featuring new wood and metal textures and clothes from various creators. Includes display tables in both wood-only and wood & diamond plate versions, booth recolors that includes a photo by MissTiikeri, wall display with new jeans and top textures, baby doll mannequins (not pictured above), and hanging racks for both male and females.

H&M Stuff is required!

You can now get these as default replacements!

Shastakiss has made a CEP-extra which slaves the dress rack to the shirt rack, giving us fewer cc files with more recolors. Grab her updated files of this set here! Be sure to grab her pirate wood colors and glass replacements as well!

Credits & Thanks

– Meshes by Maxis.
– Clothes textures by me, Maxis, Aikea, Aelia, Gelydh, with additional credit to Fanseelamb for base textures.
– Wood and metal textures by CG Textures.
– Models in photos by MissTiikeri, Iosiren, and Kayleigh.


  1. ranabluu - July 4th, 2015


  2. shastakiss - September 6th, 2015

    yuichen, I made a CEP-extra for the H&M clothing racks which broke your original files but then I fixed them :P Fewer actual cc files but more clothing recolors, all credit to you!


  3. shastakiss - August 3rd, 2017

    New links for the edits, all credit to you (again)!

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