Windkeeper’s Shoji set has a lot of potential for industrial decor. With Adele’s Liam colors and some grimy glass it quickly becomes ideal windows or partitions for a factory or industrial conversion apartment. Yay, grunge!

Each color comes with 3 designs: the round panel, wooden panel, and what looks like metal. I only did the grunge glass textures because the honeycomb and jewel-type things stretched and looked strange. For more variations you should check out Yuxi’s awesome recolors. Unfortunately one of the windows has a bigger sheet of glass that is an unrecolorable blue. I’m not sure how to fix it, but I guess you could pretend it doesn’t exist when using the recolor set. Just a warning.

Meshes by Windkeeper required!
File size: 434 KB

Credits & Thanks

– Meshes by Windkeeper.
– Textures by Adele.
– House is a modification of one by SimPlay.


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