Before you hit that download button, please first understand that this is not the whole set. It’s no secret that I have become the laziest simmer the last few years, and it’s difficult to find much interest to create cc in general, unless it’s something I specifically need for a build. I wanted recolors of the empty dresser for a story sim’s new bedroom, even if it doesn’t function as a dresser (why???). When it came out decent I decided I would recolor the other pieces… until I realized they weren’t repositored (again, why?! *cries*). After a few meshes I dropped that project really quickly, because screw making tiny little changes each bloody mesh.

So, here, take a non-functioning dresser, cupboard, and empty wardrobe, in most of Pooklet’s natural colors. I didn’t do all the gray colors and landmine, because there wasn’t enough of a difference to be worth it. As you can see by the preview image, each color comes in plain and a paneled variation. Meshes are included.

Meshes by Cassandre are included.
File size: 35.4 MB

If anyone knows of any fixed versions of these meshes, please let me know!

Credits & Thanks

– Meshes by Cassandre.
– Colors by Pooklet.


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