Three dresses on Kayleigh’s Flinn babydoll mesh edits.

Left to right: Anther (flats and wedges, both with tights), Candyfloss (cyber boots and wedges, both with fishnets), and Iris (wedges, three variations: tights and cuffs, just cuffs, and just the dress). There is some pixelation on Anther’s top but it couldn’t be avoided despite reimporting the textures through SimPE. Candyfloss and Iris were slightly improved.

Files are clearly named for easy removal and have been compressorized.

Meshes by Kayleigh are required!
File size: 2.87 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Base textures by Flinn.
– Meshes by Kayleigh.
– Anther’s top texture originally by Stajl but nicked from Aelia’s top.
– Wedges and boots textures by Gelydh.
– Anther pattern by Ars Grafik.
– Inspired by Iris, Anther and Candyfloss at Gloomth.

P.S. Ignore the typo in my preview image xD


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9 thoughts on “Infinite”

  1. I literally dropped my jaw when I saw this. like “SOOO CUTE!!!” Need it. Getting it. Using it.

  2. Lovely dresses! May I ask where I could find the hair on the model in the middel (pink dress)?

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