Taking the name from Holy Simoly’s La Boheme bedroom set which it also shares textures and mesh pieces, this small nursery is a completer set if nothing else. Unlike the base game nursery set it has new subsets that allow you to mix and match frame and bedding/padding colors. It is also base game compatible.

Poly Count Information

La Boheme Crib La Boheme Changing Table
Faces: 7572.
Vertices: 6009.
Faces: 7298.
Vertices: 5877.

Frames are slaved to Holy Simoly’s iron double bed.

Meshes by Yuichen are required!
Bed by Holy Simoly is required!

File size: 311 KB

Credits & Thanks

– Frame parts by Holy Simoly.
– Bedding, padding and accessories by Maxis.


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