Vintage Dictionary Art Prints

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Eight original designs by Little Bluebird Studios on a new base game friendly mesh (I hope so anyway; I believe the original was base game). Check out their shop and/or etsy in general; right now a lot of shops are donating all or a portion of sales to the Red Cross for Japan. Definitely something to look into =)

Credits & Thanks

– Original designs by Little Bluebird Studios.
– Tutorials by orangemittens and cmomoney.


  1. Phoenix - March 17th, 2011

    *squeal* Thank you!!!! It looks as awesome as I knew it would!

  2. Bitter Sweet - July 7th, 2011

    Thank you so much for making these for TS3. They are gorgeous.

  3. earringfan - July 8th, 2011

    These are so very lovely. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations!

  4. Elisef Lee - July 15th, 2011

    These are gorgeous, every single one. :) Thank you.

  5. Dana - August 21st, 2012

    They are beautiful indeed. I have a blog on dictionary art prints. the link is

    I hope you like it

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