I recently fell in love with CuriousB’s wall polaroids, which of course are based off of Graverobber’s original table tops meshes that happen to be slaved to her Grilled Cheese add-ons. I wanted some more options and decided to convert some prints by EyePoetryPhotography because I adore them in real life and wanted them for both realities. Seriously guys, go check out Irene’s work. I bought four prints the year before last and they’re just gorgeous.

Now, because I like them so much and wanted to be able to use them in different varieties, I’ve also recolored the overused BV Travel Poster. It might take ten days to get through all the recolors to find these, but if you’re patient and like that you could use them in various sizes thanks to the handful of slaved meshes then it’s all good.

Requirements & Notes

Graverobber’s meshes come in two versions, base game and AL compatible. This is because people with Apartment Life have the option to shift wall items up and down. I did both so not to leave anyone out. Neither require the original EP mesh because it is not slaved.

– If you want to use with CuriousB’s wall polaroids, you’ll need to download her Grilled Cheese slaved meshes, and if you’re big on consistency, pick up her edit of GR’s surface polariod (improved shadow).

– Like a jerk I forgot to recolor the base game versions of the BV Travel Poster, so in the end I guess I still left some people out. Sorry :/ After doing the set three times you kind of don’t want to look at them anymore.

Meshes by Graverobber are required!
BV and AL are required!
File size: 6.18 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Prints by EyePoetryPhotography.
– Grilled Cheese add-ons by Graverobber.
– Wall polaroids by CuriousB.


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2 thoughts on “Eye Poetry”

  1. You could still use the base game version of Graverobber’s meshes. They aren’t quite as nice as the BV travel poster, of course. But perhaps I will make them for the base game versions of the BV conversion and add them later.

  2. Beautiful b ut to bad I cannot download them. :( I’m have night life and open for buisness only. :( I will keep looking at your site when if you make any more creations still! n_n

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