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While she was originally created as a supporting character in The Cutler Legacy, her latest edit serves as an UYS model after a nice makeover by Kayleigh. See below for included content.

Meshes are included!
File size: 10.8 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Makeover by Kayleigh (see original).
– Skintone by Buffy.
– Eyes by Pooklet/Mouseyblue.
– Lips, brows, freckles, hair mesh and texture by Trapping.
– Top by Amaryll.
– Pants mesh by Flinn/Kayleigh.
– Pants texture and necklace by Yuichen.
– Bottom mesh and shoes by Queen of France.
– Lashes by Nabila/Anva.
– Shadow by Aquilegia.
– Mouth corners by AlfredAskew.
– Blush by Jessi.
– Necklace mesh by Aikea.


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