This hair was originally from The Sims Medieval. HCove converted it to TS2 for males (child to elder), and Nymphy made an amazing retexture. I converted it for females and toddlers, and I fixed the small gaps that the male meshes had.

It comes in 30 colors: Pooklet’s natural colors, io’s colors (with Aweeshie’s grey), and Lilith’s colors. All ages, binned and familied, elders keep their color, greys are custom.

The mesh file contains both the female and male meshes for all ages. That means you need to delete HCove’s original mesh, [HC]ConvertedTSMHair_DreadlockPonytail_MESH.package.

Yes, this mesh will work with old recolors, however the old recolors won’t have female or toddler files so they won’t magically appear. It will still work even if you do not want the female hair. It will work for females even if you do not want the male hair.

File size: 35.8 MB

File size: 16.8 MB

File size: 16.8 MB

Mesh by Kayleigh is required!

Credits & Thanks

– Original mesh by Maxis/EA.
– Converted mesh by Hcove.
– Textures by Nymphy.
– Colors by Pooklet, io, Lilith, and Aweeshie.
– Models by Alleliua, Trapping, Backerbse, Berternice, and Pyxis.


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