Grant is a small starter home based on this house plan that consists of one bedroom and one bath, living room with a fireplace, kitchen with island dining, and covered porches on both the front and back of the house. The back porch is enclosed with screen windows with backyard access.

Unlike Cypress, Grant uses custom content. All windows and doors except the kitchen were made by Baufive, as were the fireplace and bookshelves. Also used were Pocci’s curtains to match said windows.

Custom content is not included! You must download and install all three of Baufive’s Grant Park sets as well as Pocci’s curtains before installing the lot, otherwise they will be replaced with EA content.

General Information

Fully furnished $16,328.
Unfurnished $14,296.
Lot size: 20×20 (may appear 19×19).


Game update 1.63.
EPs: Up to Island Paradise.
SPs: Diesel Stuff, Master Suite, Outdoor Life, Town Life Stuff, and 70’s 80’s & 90’s Stuff.
CC: Baufive’s Grant Park and Pocci’s curtains.

See requirements above!

File size: 8.59 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Build items by Baufive.
– Curtains by Pocci.


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