Nouked retextures of Kavar’s “Edge” for men. Five colors with the grey linked to black. Binned and family linked.

Please note the black, red and grey have different colored scalps in bodyshop but as you can see in the preview above, they’re fine in game.

Mesh by Kavar is required!
File size: 1.89 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Nouk for hair textures.
Kavar for the mesh.
– Namesake: One Way Mule – Silverchair.


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8 thoughts on “Dangerous Heart”

  1. Josh, it seems to work perfectly fine for me. Did you try it or did you just assume that it would not work? If you did try it and were unsuccessful I can re-upload it for you.

  2. To bad his mesh link has expired…pratically everything made from 2010 and and below on has an expired download link. The same for mod the sims(I can never get the slim body builder mesh…:( )

  3. Hi there, I love this hair! I used to play sims online and my sim Jake Lucas was cute. They closed down the game and I made Jake 3d thanks to Sims2, so this hair is kinda similiar to the online version so I have now got this….. thanks for recolouring it in natural colours! :)

  4. Oh my god, yuichen, I think I love you. :drool: I’ve always liked Kavar’s meshes, but the Maxisy textures never really fit in with my plethora of Nouk retextures. I’ve taken a look at this before but immediately gave up since it looked impossible to retexture properly. But this — holy shit, this is perfect. They’re so gorgeously shiny and perfectly highlighted and aslfjalfjakfalvAMAZING.

    You win. :D

  5. These are amazing! I’ve used the original version for a long time, but I wasn’t especially fond of the colors (they seemed washed out to me). Your version is amazing and it probably took you a while to get it done!

    Thanks you so much :)

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