22 Maxis painting recolors to use with Buggybooz’s sweet new frames featuring photographs by Jascha Hoste.

These are recolors of Maxis meshes “Transcendence”, “City Sky Scape”, and “Suspense”. I chose not to do the BV travel poster because there’s already too many to dig through at it is, lol.

To get the frames shown above you’ll need to download the Buggybooz meshes (and her kitchen set to get the frame colors).

Meshes by Buggybooz are required!
[ Frames | Colors ]
File size: 1.01 MB

Credits & Thanks

Jascha Hoste for allowing me to not only sim the paintings, but share them.
Bugygybooz for the awesome frames inspiring the recolors to begin with.
Ghanima for the counter recolor used in the frames.


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