At last, the reimagined Sims4 In The Fade set, with modified Misomoso textures. I’m not sure I like them quite as much as the original project, but it was much easier to tweak Kayleigh’s mesh than heavily edit the Sims4 conversion. Girl had ALL the hips!

These pants come in eight colors and three denim washes, for teen and adult females. I didn’t make an elder mesh because I was already running behind, and I’ll admit I was feeling a little lazy. If anyone would like to convert it, feel free, and let me know so I can link to it.

Teen files are slaved to adults to save space.
Meshes by Yuichen are required!
[ Get teen mesh | Get adult mesh ]
File size: 6.35 MB

Credit & Thanks

– Modified mesh by Kayleigh.
– Modified tetxures by Misomoso.
– Shoes by Amaryll.
– Preview photos by Nekosayuri.
– Namesake, The Damn Truth – Pirates & Politicians.


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