Four wire bound and beaded key necklaces featuring original designs by Kendra Tornheim of Silver Owl Creations.

Mesh by Aikea_Guinea included!
File size: 256 KB

Credits & Thanks

Kendra Tornheim for the designs (huge thanks for allowing me to sim them!)
Aikea_Guinea for the mesh.


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9 thoughts on “Wired!”

  1. These are so gorgeous! Thank you! I’m pretty sure I’ve downloaded everything on your site. Everything you make is just awesome!

  2. Oh my god!
    Those details are so fucking amazing, the necklaces are simply awesome.
    Thank you so much (:

  3. As a longtime lurker I wanted to pop out of the shadows and say Happy Birthday! This site has always been one of my faves.

    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely gifts.

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