New mesh based on this set by Flinn (mesh by NataliS). I completely remade the mesh using a separate top and bottom mesh. All morphs included.

Two sets of recolors: Flinn’s original textures (see link above), and Nilou’s retextures. Each available in Everyday or Everyday & Outerwear.


Mesh by Kayleigh required!
File size: 4.10 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Textures by Flinn@TSR/Aikea.
– “Top” mesh by Sentate.
– “Bottom” mesh and boot textures by Club Crimsyn.


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5 thoughts on “Valkyrie Edit”

  1. Lol, yeah, I had fun with this shoot. Catnip(black) made that face and I was like ALRIGHT, THEY ALL GET ANGRY FACES! I love how Kana(blue) looks disgusted by the text, though. :D

  2. I need to be on my Simming computer! These are great! Thanks! I love this mesh and your anger model(the one in all black) made me grin!

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