Amelia textures everywhere! I never used to be much for super matchy items just because my sims seem to pick up random furniture from garage sales and the like, but I rather like these textures/colors and wanted to apply them to Cassandre’s DOTY 2010 shelves. For whatever reason she didn’t slave them, so if you want to save space and want these recolors to work, you’ll want to pick up amythestfe’s slaved meshes.

Per the usual, the Amelia textures come in five colors and on some meshes can be interchangeable. Meaning, you can have the light colored doors and white frame if you so choose. Files have been compressorized and clearly named. Meshes are not included.

You must use amythestfe’s slaved meshes for these recolors to work properly as I only recolored the master mesh. Saving space is fun!

Meshes by amythestfe are required!

File size: 1.23 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Original meshes by Cassandre.
– Slaved by amythestfe.


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