Aikea’s bootcut jeans with boots, Gelydh’s bootcuts with platform boots, tennis shoes and sexy feet with added preg morphs! There are no recolors included as there are already tons of great stuff out there. These are only mesh replacements!

Updated 04.14.13
The mesh file names were improved to be more easily identified by creator. Please locate and delete the following files:

  • MESH_aikea_guinea-AFLustification_Conversion-pregmorph.package
  • MESH_Gelydh_AF-Bottom_AikeaBootcutJeansWithSexyFeet_pregmorph.package
  • MESH_Gelydh_AF-Bottom_JeansWithTennisShoes_pregmorph.package
  • MESH_Gelydh_AF-Bottoms_BootcutPlatformBoots_pregmorph.package

If this is your first time downloading my mesh replacements you will need to remove Aikea and Gelydh’s original meshes:

  • MESH_Gelydh_AF-Bottom_AikeaBootcutJeansWithSexyFeet_030309
  • MESH_Gelydh_AF-Bottom_JeansWithTennisShoes_022609
  • MESH_Gelydh_AF-Bottoms_BootcutPlatformBoots_081408
  • MESH_aikea_guinea-AFLustification_Conversion-111806

Link redirects to mesh page!
Meshes by Yuichen are required!
File size: 350 KB

Credits & Thanks

– Aikea & Gelydh at Club Crimsyn for the original meshes & open TOS.


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