La Boheme

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Mesh by Yuichen is included.

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A conversion of the La Boheme iron crib for Sims2 which should only require the base game. It comes in three presets: 3 beddings and 3 frame colors, and costs $275.

Sadly I was never able to get the matching changing table to work and because I no longer have the game installed it is unlikely I will finish it. If anyone would like to take my Sims2 changing table and convert it, you’re welcome to do so. Just drop me a link so I can direct people to get it.

Poly Count Information

Faces: 7324.
Vertices: 5921.

Credits & Thanks

– Frame mesh parts and textures by Holy Simoly.
– Bedding textures and patterns by EA.
– Preview photos taken by Stormy Sims.

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  1. Stormy - July 1st, 2015

    I use these a lot in my game just so you know. ;) Thanks for the credit for the pics! <3

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