Kayleigh’s skinny jeans and ballet flats mesh with new textures from Sims3 Diesel Stuff in two colors, for children to elder females. Low-rise and untuckable variations included.

Updated 05.01.13
Meshes have been renamed to be more easily identified. Please locate and delete the following files:

  • MESH_kayleigh_afb_skinnyjeans-flats-120211.package

Child, teen and elder files are slaved to adults to save space.

TF & EF by Trapping included.
AF & CF meshes by Yuichen & Kayleigh required!
[ Get child mesh | Get adult mesh ]

File size: 899 KB

Credits & Thanks

– Pants mesh by Kayleigh.
– Shoes by Amaryll.
– Pants textures by EA.
– Original child pants mesh, teen and elder conversions by Trapping.
– Namesake, Daydreaming by Paramore.


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