Comfy pajamas for teens and adults with rolled up pants and basic ribbed tank tops, with and without socks. They are available with both Maxis block and Bloom’s sexy feet, but you may only use one mesh for each age because they will overwrite.

Keep in mind that the socked recolors will not appear correctly if you use the sexy feet versions.

Updated 04.11.13
The mesh files have been renamed to be more clearly identified. The teen sexy feet mesh has also been edited to replace the block feet mesh, allowing it to use the same recolors. Please locate and delete the following files:


  • MESH_Gelydh_AFFB_AGCuffedPants_morphs.package
  • MESH_Gelydh_AFFB_AGCuffedPants_morphsSEXYFEET.package
  • MESH_uys_tffb_cuffedpants_blockfeet.package
  • MESH_uys_tffb_cuffedpants_sexyfeet.package


  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_black_sexyfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_blue_sexyfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_purple_sexyfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_red_sexyfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_black_blockfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_black-socks_blockfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_blue_blockfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_blue-socks_blockfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_purple_blockfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_purple-socks_blockfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_red_blockfeetSLAVE.package
  • uys_tf_pjs_darkofyourdisease_red-socks_blockfeetSLAVE.package

If you never returned to grab the mesh update with improved shape (updated 01.27.11), please locate and delete the following:

  • MESH_Gelydh_AFFB_AGBarefootCuffedPants_061008.package

If you were previously using my add-on morph replacements you will also need to get rid of the old files:

  • uys_gelydh_afbodycuffedpants_morphs.package
  • uys_gelydh_afbodycuffedpantsSEXYFEET_morphs.package

Remember that because these are replacements you can only use one of them at a time. If your computer is on the lower end, it’s probably best to avoid sexy feet as they are higher poly.

Meshes by Yuichen are required!
[ Get teen mesh | Get adult mesh ]
File size: 4.7 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Purple texture by The Fat Strawberry.
– Mesh by Gelydh
– Namesake: Luv Your Life – Silverchair.


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