Be sure to check the FAQS page for information about maternity wear.

Update 04.11.13
As of today the files have been combined into one large zip. If this is your first time downloading any of these items, simply download above and grab the meshes. If you are returning, please read the following:

Striped pants & sweater

Let’s face it, the original mesh was rather ugly. I have thrown together a new mesh with fat and preg morphs using Kayleigh’s bootcuts & chucks bottom mesh with Aikea’s fitted top. The recolor file is named the same and will overwrite the original, however the mesh will not. Please search for and delete:

  • MESH_uys_affullbodypantsandsneakers_mar2008.package

Nekkid boots

The nekkid boots mesh has been updated as well, so again, you’ll need to delete the mesh and add-on:

  • MESH_Gelydh_AF-FB_NekkidBoots_041208.package
  • uys_gelydh_afbodynekkidboots_morphs

Mesh by Parsimonious is included!
Meshes by Yuichen are required!
File size: 2.2 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Boots and chucks textures, red leather pants and faint velvet overlay by Club Crimsyn.
– Bootcut buttons w/ chucks edit by Kayleigh.
– Baggy pants mesh by Parsimonious.
– Tank top shading and trashy jeans texture by maxis.
– Brunette model, “Siiri” by Libertine.
– Redhead model, “Shirley Howlett” by Timesynth Azrael.


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6 thoughts on “Alternative Maternity”

  1. I lament – to have your beautiful preggo’d clothing for my game, I must give up sexy feet replacements.

  2. I cant even believe how awesome these outfits are!Finally my pregnant sims dont have to suffer horrible clothes!

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