What can one say about a deco fireplace? Well, it doesn’t function, obviously, but it looks interesting with a bunch of candles tucked away inside. Also comes in handy when you’re more about building and decorating than playing the game. And, you know, considerably less fires for your clumsy sim to start when you’re not looking…

The fireplace has 2 subsets: the body, and the mantle and frame. This makes the mesh much more versatile, which I am all for, providing you with multiple possibilities. As such, you can combine either brick texture or wooden panels with a choice of five wooden frames, all matching my Amelia recolors for Garden of Shadows’ 2012 Advent. I’ll admit it was a rather fiddly mesh to work with, and due to this there are some weird happenings on the backside of the mesh, but hey, you won’t see it anyway!

All recolors are clearly named and have been compressorized to save space.

Mesh by Avalon included
File size: 2.12 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Mesh by Avalon.
– Brick and plaster textures by RenSim.
– Wood textures by CGTextures (I think).


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