[Sims 3] Bustelo

03.31.13 Download

Mesh by Yuichen included.

File size:1.88 MB.

Download as outerwear above.
Sims3 Seasons is required.

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After seeing Kayleigh’s recent toddler Bustelo pants for Sims 2 I thought it might be worth a shot to manipulate base game pants to look similar. They’re not perfect but with Misomoso’s textures it is a little more convincing.

There are three presets. Only one is CAStable, and that’s the medium color. It has an overlay belt texture that can not be changed but should look fine over any color or pattern you use. However keep in mind that the base texture is blue and it may take a lot of fiddling to get the color you want.

Available for both males and females, as outerwear for those with Seasons, and an ordinary everyday base game compatible outfit.

Download above if you have the Seasons expansion and would like to use this mesh as outerwear as well as everyday. Download below if you do not want to use it as outerwear, or do not have the Seasons expansion.

Download Everyday
File size: 1.88 MB
Mesh by Yuichen included.

Credits & Thanks

– Original mesh by EA.
– Textures by Misomoso.

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