Although they are not exact remakes of the original Casual Maternity (second image above), the outfits have been re-imagined with more practical footwear and attractive pants.

First up, the sheer sweater tee and tank top replaces the original pink sweater as those were more or less remade as tops, and are paired with misomoso’s dark jeans and adorable peeptoes. Second, a silky pink polka dotted baby doll with magenta trim replaces the original pink and gold photoskinned baby doll, and it uses the Sims3 Diesel Stuff jeans textures. Lastly, the blue polka dot baby doll with lace trim is a hand painted replica of the original.

The mesh is a mashup of parts from various creators. The top is Gelydh’s alpha baby doll with Skell’s cap sleeves, which are also alpha editable but only as either fully visible or invisible (due to clipping around the arm pit), and the bottoms are Jacci’s cropped pants with Maxis peeptoes taken from a Pinketamine outfit. Obviously both morphs are included and have correct foot sounds.

Mesh by Yuichen required!
File size: 916 KB

Credit & Thanks

– Alpha top mesh by Gelydh.
– Sleeves mesh by Skell.
– Pants mesh by Jacci.
– Base pants texture on blue baby doll by Bunhead.
– Peeptoes by Maxis, taken from Pinketamine outfit.
– Dark jeans by Misomoso.
– Diesel jeans by EA.
– Pattern by ColourLovers.


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