For the days you’re just not feeling jeans, wear some comfy leggings with your favorite boots! These leggings come in eight colors in both tucked and untuckable variations for adult females, on Skeleton Teacup’s pantless bottom mesh featuring Devil May Cry boots converted from Sims3 (Capital Sims) by Amaryll. Man, that was a mouthful.

If I remember correctly the mesh has both morphs and correct shoe sounds. All files have been compressorized and clearly named for easy removal.

Mesh by Skeleton Teacup included
File size: 9.31 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Mesh by Skeleton Teacup.
– Sims3 boots by Capital Sims.
– Boots converted to Sims2 by Amaryll.
– Pants fabric pattern by CG Textures.
– Namesake, Queens of the Stone Age – Smooth Sailing.


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