First upload to UYS as a guest creator! Adult female sweaters in sixteen recolours on Aikea-Guinea’s AF sweater mesh: eight solid colours and eight two-toned gradients. The files have been clearly labeled and work for both young adult and adult.

Mesh by Aikea-Guinea is included!
File size: 7.63 MB

Credits & Thanks

– The mesh and parts of texture are by Aikea-Guinea.
– Knitted texture from CGTextures.


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The Sims series has kept Inka firmly in its grasp since the first game's release, and while she's tried out the later sequels, it's the Sims 2 that rules sovereign. Creating cc for TS2 nicely supports her other hobby, digital painting.

5 thoughts on “Clap Hands”

  1. These are absolutely beautiful re-colors! Now I wish I could have them in real life. Sigh.

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