Simple but feminine blouses in eight colors on Aquilegia’s fixed version of HP’s top mesh. Untuckable, mesh included. The files have been clearly labeled and work for both young adult and adult.

Mesh by Aquilegia is included!
File size: 1.07 MB

Credits & Thanks

– The original mesh by HystericalParoxysm.
– The fixed version by Aquilegia.
– Brocade texture by Bosie.
– Inspiration for the design Adele.


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The Sims series has kept Inka firmly in its grasp since the first game's release, and while she's tried out the later sequels, it's the Sims 2 that rules sovereign. Creating cc for TS2 nicely supports her other hobby, digital painting.

9 thoughts on “Song to the Siren”

  1. Yame, that hair is by Iosiren herself, on a Peggy mesh. That Sim is a character from her story.

  2. Amazing! Thanks a bunch. And the blonde sim model is also gorgeous, could you tell me where I can find that hair?

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