Based losely on a house plan online and a Nova Scotia lighthouse, the Acadia has one bedroom with potential for a second (it is currently decorated as a top floor office), 1 and a half bathrooms, and great coastal views. Due to the roof pieces on the wall it can be a little awkward to see some things, but “window wells” will still allow light in on the main floor.

There are limited photos as it was difficult to get the angles in build mode. Aerial views should still tell you everything you need to know.

Note: I use grass replacements by Industrisims, so the ground paints might not look as nice on default grass or other replacements.

Custom content is not included! You must download and install Peacemaker’s siding recolors or they will be replaced with another wall covering!

General Information

Fully furnished
Cost: $57,853
Lot size: 30×20
1 bed, 1.5 baths


Get to Work
Get Together
Cats & Dogs
CC: Peacemaker’s Cats & Dogs Siding Recolors

See requirements above!

File size: 259 KB

Acadia is available on The Sims4 Gallery. You can find it with my username uys_yuichen or hashtags #uys, #uysyuichen and #underyourskin.

Houses and rooms built with the moveobjects cheat enabled may cause items to disappear when placing in the map. See our FAQ page for installation instructions.

Credits & Thanks

Siding recolors by Peacemaker


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