A charming two bedroom one bath home with a tranquil “pond” in the back yard.

General Information

Fully furnished
Cost: $66,965
Lot size: 30×20
Requirements: Get To Work

Things To Note

1.) The interior pictures have been brightened to better show the space. I removed all mods to build the lot so the gallery wouldn’t flag it to have custom content. It isn’t super dark, mind you, but it would definitely be better with a lighting mod.

2.) The pond is actually a pool but it can not be accessed with all the rocks and plants around it. If you’d like to use it as a pool, delete some of the objects and install a ladder.

Get To Work is required!

File size: 174 KB

Stillwater is available on The Sims4 Gallery. You can find it with my username uys_yuichen or hashtags #uys, #uysyuichen and #underyourskin.

Houses and rooms built with the moveobjects cheat enabled may cause items to disappear when placing in the map. See our FAQ page for installation instructions.

Credits & Thanks

– Loosely based on this stock image.
– Raesha for inspiring the name.


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