My contribution to The Big Trade-off Makeover, new custom content for the S4 sim.

Content includes hair recolor of Trapping’s fixed Peggy Peggy5538 with Pooklet’s Incendiary and streaks of a Napalm and Shockwave blend; an outfit on a new body mesh featuring Pinketamine’s top only of Amaryll’s Amanda & Gelydh’s shorts with Gothplague’s boots mesh and textures, inspired by an outfit Jessy reblogged on Tumblr a while back. All morphs included.

Hair mesh by Trapping included
Body mesh by Yuichen is required!
File size: 3.37 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Fixed Peggy mesh by Trapping.
– Hair textures and colors by Pooklet.
– Body mesh pieces by Pinketamine, Amaryll, Gelydh and Gothplague.


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