Long Corded Necklaces

12.19.08 Download

Mesh by Aikea_Guinea included.

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Five assorted pendants on long cords for females on a mesh by Aikea_Guinea. Reposted from 2007.

Updated 01.05.12

File names have been improved and were combined into one archive. If this is the first time you’re downloading this set, completely ignore this portion of the post. If you’re a returning visitor and would like to tidy things up, locate and delete the following:

  • b86889b6_uysfdragoncross.package
  • 60dff1a1_uysfboombox.package
  • uysafblacktangledheart.package
  • uysaflongchordcagedheart.package
  • uysafnailskullcross.package

Credits & Thanks

– Mesh by Aikea_Guinea.


  1. AjÖya™ - December 19th, 2008

    I absolutely am in love with the ‘Cage Heart’! It’s so tantalizing and you have done magnificent works here. Way to be sooooo unique. This is why I love ya and this site SO much!


  2. Romantic Roulette - September 1st, 2009

    These are so good :D My best friend has a boombox necklace just like that one in real life xD Now I can use it for his Self-Sim in-game.


  3. SheaSkellington - August 28th, 2011

    I love the nail cross. It’s awesome. Thanks. Great work.


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