All recolors (except pillows) are properly named for easy removal of the ones you don’t want. However, you must have the volatile set in order to use the bedding and other accessories such as the shelf basket and changing table pad, as all others are just recolors of the wood.

The pillows come in large and small sizes as well as upright and flat. Yay for repository ♥

All files have been compressorized saving 64mb! Let me know if any issues arise.

Meshes by Cassandre are required!
File size: 30.9 MB

Credits & Thanks

Meshes & base texture: Cassandre.
Pillow patterns: Kollermedia, Vania Sofiandi, Fat Strawberry, CG Textures, and Designer Jots.
Kick ass color actions: Pooklet.


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18 thoughts on “Cassandre – A Nursery Set”

  1. The volatile set is in Pooklet’s natural colors. I checked the crib’s file in SimPE and the bedding is in the file. However, the bedding and changing pad recolors only work on this particular mesh set, in the same way recolors of the Maxis base game meshes will not appear on these because they were not repositored to them. I made some base game changing pad recolors based on these ( but I stupidly never made matching bedding. Perhaps it’ll be the next little project.

    If that is not what you mean, I have no idea. I checked every single link on this page and they all went without trouble.

  2. “However, you must have the volatile set in order to use the bedding and other accessories” Is there a new link to the volatile set? I don’t have it and the furniture and wood recolors only show up, not the bedding recolors. The link doesn’t lead anywhere.

  3. All the files downloaded without trouble for me, and each recolor was present. They all appear in game as well, so I’m not sure what your problem could be :/

  4. Is there a new link to the volatile set? That doesn’t work and I can’t find it anywhere!?

  5. Kayleigh and I both downloaded and extracted all the files you had trouble with, and neither of us could duplicate the issue.

    I’m thinking the files may have corrupted while downloading. Try downloading again and see if it sorts things out.

  6. Hate to double post forgot to check the pillows too, got Error’d on them as well. I am going to go pout now.

  7. The message I got on the floor tiles from the roof collection appeared on neon & neutrals for this set. >_<

  8. Lol and now it’ll take like an hour and twenty minutes to load xD

    I seriously love the nitroglycerin color now though.

  9. Man Yui! I don’t even usually do neons(except for hairs…just cause…) but my finger keeps hovering over the neon link because it’s so pretty! Already have ideas to make a Sim…must resist…

    Ah, forget it! I’m downloading them!:D

  10. I know what you meant :P

    I actually didn’t intend to do the neons but someone suggested it. Thank goodness for the quick color actions.

  11. These are great. And so cute. Pooklet colors actually look amazing on them and I’m not one to get all happy about everything in pooklet colors. Wait…that came out wrong. You know what I mean.


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