Small old houses converted to apartments situated around an overgrowing courtyard. Includes three houses: two with two bedrooms on two floors, the other three floors with three bedrooms.

Before you download the lot…

You will need to download Fway’s AL 1-tile Bohemian door and Guatla’s industrial windows.

General Information

3 units.
Cost: $3,274 – $5,434.
Partially furnished.


All EPs, Mansion and Gardens, and possibly Glamour Life, Celebrations, Teen Style Stuff, Kitchen and Baths, H&M, and Ikea.

Included Items

Fway, bohemian door.
Guatla, industrial windows.
Gelydh & Aikea_Guinea, grass, various walls and floors.
– Awesims, Old World window and door recolors.
– Ghanima & Liegenschonheit, VtM walls.
phoenix_phaerie, Manor House climbing ivy & big oak, Manor House sink.
Nixy, brick wall.
– Nengi65, rocks.
4ESF, ladder and diving board.
Innominato, striped walls.
Jonesi, apartment door recolor.
Loco Plus, various walls and floors.
Aviolina, various walls and floors.
JodelieJodelie, HS concrete wall recolors.
Holy Simoly, original concrete walls.
Country fridge.
Garden Breeze, iron balcony w/ rim board.
Wood for Sims, various plants.
Pixelhate, abandoned warehouse walls.

See requirements above
File size: 12.1 MB


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A vertically challenged, big mouth gamer who loves the Foo Fighters, ALL the floofs, books, and Tim Hortons. Oh yeah, and the founder of Under-Your-Skin. That might be kind of important to mention.

17 thoughts on “Courtyard Apartments”

  1. Okay, thanks for the info. Guess I won’t test my luck. :x

    Amazing lot though, rest assured that this link is bookmarked so I can grab this as soon as I get the rest of the EPs!

  2. I honestly don’t know and I’d hate for it to screw up your game. Lemme look around and see if I can find something.

    ETA: Installing a lot that requires particular EPs will crash your game even if you use clean installer. I don’t know if it’s every time you try to load the game or just that lot, but either way, it doesn’t sound worth the trouble =/

  3. I have clean installer, I’m just hoping trying to put it into my game is gonna crash it or anything.

    If you try to put in a lot that won’t work in your game, what happens?

  4. I know with clean installer you can get away with not having stuff packs, but I’m not sure about the expansions.

  5. Awh man! This is SO cool, like seriously, I’m drooling and would use this in a HEARTBEAT.

    But I don’t have all the EPs or SPs. x[ There’s no way I can get this, huh?

  6. Thanks for the info. I thought maybe I got the hack by downloading a lot because I’ve never seen it before, but I can’t find it anywhere on my computer so I really have no idea how my lot was affected :/

  7. Gorgeous lot!
    However, it doesn’t seem to show up in my game. I have all the EP’s, Ikea, H&M, M&G, and K&B. I guess it requires CS, TSS, and GL…

  8. It’s so amazing that I couldn’t resist downloading. And I usually don’t download any houses, no matter how pretty. Thank you very much!

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